Garage Door Repair | St. Petersburg

Here at LiftPro, we make it our goal to provide our customers with the best service possible. We specialize in residential garage door repairs in St. Petersburg, and can help get your door working in no time. A well maintained garage door should protect your home from everything outside it; from wind and rain, to unwelcome guests.  Your garage may double as a car port and a storage place, and you should feel secure that everything inside is safe.
Not only is a broken door inconvenient and unsightly, but it can be a safety hazard for your St. Petersburg home as well. Putting off garage door repair can cause it to fall suddenly, regardless of who or what is underneath.

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Types of Repair

Here are some of the most common garage door repairs in St. Petersburg that we deal with:

  1. Door opener not working: If the door will not close, or only opens about halfway, there could be a variety of problems with the main opener.
  2. Spring replacement: As these springs are under a lot of pressure, they can break and often need to be replaced or repaired.  Be careful when this happens though, since these springs are very large, and very dangerous.
  3. Broken cables: Proceed with caution when this happens, as unsecure cables can snap and injure you.
  4. Panel replacement: While often more of a cosmetic issue, panel replacement can be necessary if a car runs into it.
  5. Bent track: The tracks are what help the door open and close smoothly, and when a bent one is not repaired, it can cause a lot more damage.
  6. Roller replacement: Rollers can easily become bent, and fixing them will allow the door to open much more quietly.
  7. Weather seal replacement: This keeps out cold and hot air, rain, and bugs, and can become eroded over time.

Questions Regarding Garage Door Repair

  • Can I repair it myself?  We highly recommend that you do not attempt garage door repair on your own. If it is incorrectly balanced or a spring snaps, injury can occur. Sit back, relax, and let our professional technicians do it for you.
  • How do I know if I need a replacement?  We won’t know until we inspect it, to see which would be more cost effective for you. If large portions of it are damaged or broken, we will probably recommend getting a new door.
  • Its midnight and my garage door won’t close; do I have to wait until the morning to call someone?  Nope! Here at LiftPro, we offer 24/7 emergency services, and will respond quickly once you call us.
  • My garage door is making funny noises. Is it broken?  Usually these new sounds are a warning that something may be about to break. The longer you wait to have someone check it out, the higher the risk of it completely breaking.
  • My teenager dented the garage door. Do I have to replace the entire thing?  No! As long as your door is not a custom design, you will be able to just replace one panel.

Why Choose LiftPro?

Here at LiftPro, we offer garage door repair in St. Petersburg that encompasses a high level of expertise, incredible service, and speed. No matter what issues you may be experiencing, we will be able to help you! With our 24/7 service, our technicians will respond, regardless of the time, and do the job correctly the first time. For more information, call us at 727-799-3667 today!

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