Garage Door Repair Brandon

If you are looking for the best Garage Door Repair Brandon , Lift Pro Overhead Garage Door Services can help. We offer a variety of services at affordable prices for any project you may need for garage door repair. Our team is comprised of a group of experts ready to tackle a variety of issues that you may encounter.



 Garage Door Repair Brandon FL

Our Lift Pro Experts can help with a variety of garage door repair projects for your Brandon home:

  • Bent or Broken Tracks- It is essential to have tracks in that function correctly. Any damage to the track could result in additional damage to the whole system. The door will function properly when the tracks are straight and aligned.  
  • Spring Replacement- Some think that replacing a spring can be done easily at home, but it is best to hire a professional for this improvement. The spring is a big part of how a door is lifted, and is one of the most common fixes that will need to be completed over the years.  
  • Broken Cables- Some systems run on a pulley system and when one of the cables snaps, it can be a pain to fix especially if you don’t have experience with this kind of project. Cables are inexpensive and should be replaced before they break. At LiftPro we offer maintenance and inspections in addition to garage door repair to catch problems before they occur.
  • Silencing Roller Replacement- If your Garage Door is making a lot of noise as it opens or closes, you may want to take a look at your rollers. Rollers that are older or worn down can cause a lot of noise when the system opens or closes. Replacing these parts will allow your entry to open and close smoothly again.  

Benefits of Garage Door Repair

You may be thinking that you can put your garage door repair project on hold but you would be missing out on the major benefits of having Lift Pro provide services to your Brandon home.

  • Home Value- In order to have the highest market value for your home, all aspects must be in top working order. This includes the garage door! A maintained and working entryway can appeal to potential buyers.  
  • Appearance- Every homeowner wants their home to look good, and many times, the focal point of the house can be the garage door. Make sure yours is in tip top shape to ensure your home look its best! 
  • Save Money- A door that is not properly sealing or functioning can cost you a bundle in cooling and heating costs!  
  • Safety – This entryway not only helps protect your belongings from the elements but it can also help protect your family. A malfunctioning system has the potential to be harmful to anyone or anything that may be near or under it if it falls. 

Why Choose Lift Pro?

Our team is made up of professionals who keep your satisfaction as the number one priority! As members of the community, we care about you and how you feel about us. This is exactly why we offer the absolute best garage door repair Brandon has to offerWhile a lot of garage door repair related projects may seem like something that can be done as a DIY, you may want to consider these reasons for hiring a professional team like Lift Pro:

  • Efficient and affordable
  • 24/7 emergency repair
  • We are familiar with and can repair all makes and models
  • Free estimates
  • All of our workers are fully licensed and insured

Garage door repair is no easy task, and when you hire a professional, you can be at ease when it comes to your Brandon home. Call Lift Pro today at (813) 341-6400 to get a free estimate or schedule your appointment for quality garage door repair in Brandon. We look forward to hearing from you!






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