Garage Door Openers Tampa

Whether you’re looking for an emergency repair for your garage door opener in Tampa or you just want to install a new device, Lift Pro is the company to call.

Our presence around the bay has benefited residents for nearly 20 years. The technicians we hire are professionally trained to skillfully work on any garage door we encounter in the area. Don’t worry about a little-known manufacturer, we will take care of device brands and we will get it right!

All About Garage Door Openers

Residential garage door repairs and installations are just two of our specialties. We pride ourselves in the comprehensive service you can get through our highly knowledgeable technicians. For your convenience we can handle a variety of works, so you don’t have to call two or more businesses.

Our company places the customers at the very top of its priority list. We offer three of the best types of home systems you can find on the market: chain, belt, or screw drives. This diversity was our choice to ensure we can answer the needs of any home and any budget. Each offers great, reliable performance with slightly different features.

To keep your garage door opener working to the best of its capacity in Tampa, you should regularly check on the door springs, ensure all parts are well lubricated, and all the fasteners are tight. If you doubt of any part of your system, be sure to get in touch with our experts to have them check it out and perform any repairs needed so you can avoid any issues in the future.

Lift Pro At Your Service

One of the keys to our success lies in the wide range of services we provide:

  • Installations: We gladly accept new clients from all around the Tampa bay. If you are looking for a garage door opener but can’t decide on what your best option is, our technicians will guide you through your decision process. We understand every home is different so we always ensure to present our customers with personalized possibilities to choose from, based on the needs of the family. We will also handle replacements in the same way we perform new installations.
  • Repairs: You are probably familiar with technology and how it can stop working at the most inconvenient times. If your vehicle gets stuck inside because your garage door opener stopped working, we will perform repairs for you at any time of the day. Ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we’re always available for fast and reliable service. While some repairs are more common than others, our experts have the knowledge to take on any project they encounter.
  • Reinforcement: Weather conditions around Tampa are not the smoothest. We can introduce you to hurricane-proof doors, shutters, and systems that will keep your home safe. At Lift Pro, we can make your system hurricane resistant, to keep your home safe during storms.

Whatever service you need, we understand that anything related to your garage door opener is an emergency because getting stuck at home is never an acceptable situation. Our technicians covering Tampa 24/ 7 are always here to come to your rescue and make sure you don’t spend hours on the phone with a call center representative.

Our customers’ safety is always our main focus when we receive a call. Accidents related to garage door openers have caused too many injuries. Instead of trying to take on the task of fixing an unfamiliar system, we prefer to advise you to get in touch with our Lift Pro team of professionals to ensure you stay out of danger and do not risk damaging any of the mechanics behind your system.

Lift Pro is ready to assist you in any situation. For emergencies, standard repairs, maintenance, or new installations just contact your Tampa garage door opener experts at 727-799-3667.

LiftPro Proudly Services All Brands