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Emergency garage door repair for Clearwater homes can be crucial in some situations. Our area gets heavy rain often which can flood areas of your property. It can be a problem when there are large puddles in your yard, soil gets washed away, or when your pool floods, but the worst damage can happen when there is an open entrance. Various types of equipment and belongings are usually stored in there. It’s commonly a way into your home that isn’t as protected as other entryways, meaning if it floods with water, your house could be next.
Maybe you need to get to work and your garage door just won’t budge. This is another time when you will need emergency garage door repair in Clearwater. It’s unwise to manually force the gate in case it is not moving for mechanical reasons. Movement of a mechanically mired gate can further damage it and cause more problems than initially present.

Quick & Convenient

We are available for answering your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know you use your garage every day, so we make our Clearwater emergency garage door repair services available every day. Our technicians will respond to emergency calls within one to two hours. This might sound like a long time when you’re waiting to get out on the road, but think about how long you will spend on the phone, waiting for a technician directed by a call center. We specialize in garage door repair in the Clearwater area, making our call queue short and our familiarity with the area as our own neighborhood.

Common problems

The most common problem from keeping your door functioning properly is broken springs. A spring in any mechanism is under some tension, but springs on a garage door are under enough tension to seriously injure someone who doesn’t know what he or she is doing. For this reason, we ask you to not attempt to fix it yourself and to call a professional. No occasion is worth risking serious injury.

Springs are what help lift the weight of the door, so the simple problem of it not opening is most likely a broken spring. However, there are plenty of other reasons why it may not be opening. Worn or broken rollers, dysfunctional remotes and openers, warped tracks, dirty and grimy tracks, loose hardware, and off-track rollers are other common issues. Some of these require tinkering of electronics, specifically the opener box. This device is something a professional technician should tackle to ensure your present and future safety as well as permanently fixing the issue.

Installation and replacement

Our Clearwater technicians will respond to your emergency garage door repair request fully equipped with parts and tools. You need not worry if a component of the mechanism needs replacement, as we will have it on-hand. However, if you need a new installation, we can do that as well. Measurements and precautions will be considered before we install a new one. We will be sure to execute every step with care, as these doors need to withstand hurricane conditions and keep out intruders. Remember, the gate is not just covering for the structure’s contents; it’s just as important as your front entrance when it comes to crime. Burglars often try to enter through the garage rather than break in through the front entryway.

Do not downplay your safety

We cannot stress your safety enough – related accidents have been known to cause life-threatening injuries and some incidents have even cited death. Attempting to fix your garage door by yourself is not safe. Plenty of other home projects can be done safely alone, but this is not one of them. Do not put yourself in peril or risk damaging the mechanism itself.

Lean on LiftPro

LiftPro is waiting to assist you in emergency situations as well as when you need standard repairs, installation, replacements, or routine maintenance. For more information or to request our emergency garage door repair in Clearwater now, call 727-799-3667.

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