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For emergency garage door repair in Brandon, from a company you can trust to provide immediate, quality solutions, call LiftPro now at (813) 341-6400.

When they break, rolling doors usually fail in the down position, or fall closed onto whatever it is that’s beneath them.  We know that when this occurs, it’s not only an annoyance, but can often be an emergency.  Composed of multiple panels of metal or wood, these fixtures can weigh hundreds of pounds, which means not only are they impossible to re-open when the springs fail, but they can cause serious damage if they fall onto something.

LiftPro Emergency Garage Door Repair in Brandon

When your vehicle is trapped inside your home, you can’t get to where you need to be, so waiting for a convenient time for repairs, at a later date, simply isn’t an option.  That’s why at LiftPro we offer 24/7 emergency garage door repairs.  Within only 1 to 2 hours after your call, our technicians can be at your residence repairing the problem.  We can handle it all, and for over 15 years have been doing just that for residents of Brandon and throughout the rest of the Bay area.

Instead of trying to cater to both business needs and homeowners in Brandon, we focus specifically on residential clients.  By keeping our focus laser thin, we can promise high quality customer service that is just as precise.  No matter what your problem, our emergency garage door repair technicians can handle it using only the best quality parts!

What to Do in the Interim

While you are waiting for emergency garage door repairs you might still be able to go about your business in Brandon if your unit has a manual open option.  With the door safely closed, pull the manual lever to disengage the opener.  You can now use the pull chain to open and close the garage door.   CAUTION: Manual open is only safe if the problem lies with the opener and not with the springs, tracks, or rollers.

Do You Need Our Services in Brandon?

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with rolling panel doors; luckily we can handle them all:

Broken springs: These are under high tension because they support most of the panel weight and assist the opener.  When they’re damaged the door cannot open, as it is far too heavy for the opener– or for you to manually open.

Openers: This is the main motor unit that lifts the door; they can fail due to minor problems or by being electrically fried, requiring replacement.

Off track rollers: Though this is a simple emergency garage door repair for a professional to do, it can still stop any opening or closing motion without causing further damage.

Bent tracks: If the bends can’t be hammered out, then the entire track will need to be replaced.  A bent track can cause problems ranging from causing the rollers to fall out of the track, to stopping the entire functionality of the unit.

Rollers: Rollers that are worn or damaged can be loud, cause resistance that can wear out your opener, or hop out of the track.

Noisy units: This is usually caused by old openers, worn rollers, springs, damaged tracks, or something as simple as requiring lubrication.

Remotes: Even something like a broken remote can make it inconvenient to get into and out of your garage; our technicians can diagnose, replace, and sync it for you.

Safety beams: Although you can’t see them in action, the safety sensors keep you and your family safe.  If they detect anything, or anyone, beneath the door they will not allow it to close further, so these are extremely important to keep in proper working order.

From emergency garage door repairs, to scheduled installations and replacements, we’ll get you back on track. Call LiftPro today for assistance in Brandon at (813) 341-6400.

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