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When you need emergency garage door repair services at your home it’s important to know there is someone you can call for immediate assistance. Especially when the door completely nonfunctioning! If you need emergency garage door repair right now, call us!!

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Garage Door Repair

We know that every minute that your car is trapped in your garage can cost you money from missed work. That’s why LiftPro offers our services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our technicians can usually make it to your home within 1 to 2 hours after you call.
At LiftPro, 95% of our service calls are for broken garage door springs. These simple parts support the entire weight of the door which can weigh hundreds of pounds! When they fail, the door often falls closed suddenly and cannot reopen. It might happen when you’re trying to leave for work, or to the airport for a trip, and the door won’t open – trapping your car inside. Or even worse, snapping and dropping the door on top of your vehicle!

Services Available Throughout St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Pasco, Tampa

When you call LiftPro to your St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa residence, you know that you’ll receive the ultimate quality and customer service, because emergency garage door repair and installations is all that we do. We fix:

  • Broken springs
  • Openers
  • Off track rollers
  • Bent tracks
  • Rollers
  • Noisy units
  • Damaged cables
  • Remotes
  • Safety beams
  • Liftmaster gears
  • Genie trolleys
  • And all major brands

For over 20 years, LiftPro has been an industry leader in the Bay area. Because our focus is so precise, we can fix any problem that might arise with your door. And if the parts are completely unsalvageable, or it’s more cost effective to update to a new door, we can even do a complete installation. Our licensed and certified technicians are extensively trained, and all of our service vehicles are fully stocked with every part we might need. We can perform emergency garage door repair when we arrive, without scheduling extra visits.

Prevent the Need for Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

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While there are always some problems that are unavoidable, proper maintenance and inspections can increase the lifetime of your unit and catch problems before they grow worse.

  1. Regular inspections – For a complete and thorough inspection, it’s always best to call a professional, but you can check the spring tension easily to assess if those need to be replaced.
  2. Close the garage door and pull the emergency lever to switch your door to manual open.
  3. Slowly raise the door by hand using the pull chain. If the door is heavy or difficult to open, or tends to drift downward, the springs need to be replaced.
  4. Ensure all fasteners are tight – Be careful not to over tighten or strip the nuts or bolts.
  5. All tracks, pulleys and rollers are well-lubricated – The appropriate oil can be found at your local hardware store.

It’s also important to stop using your opener immediately if it appears that any part is damaged or makes strange sounds. Forcing a broken door to operate can cause further damage, turning a simple repair into a costly overhaul.

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