Is it Time to Get a New Garage Door?

Posted on: February 4, 2015

A lot depends on a correctly functioning garage door. If you keep your car inside, a malfunction could mean you don’t leave your Sarasota home that day. If you’re not sure what the problem is about, read our tips to identify whether you need garage door installation services or just repairs.

Little Repairs, Big Difference

Some problems can be frustrating, but can be solved with repairs on your existing hatch.

  • If it the gate is sticking or opening slowly and roughly, your track may be dirty or clogged. Cleaning or lubricating the track and hinges can instantly improve the quality of opening.
  • If your gate won’t open or close properly when you hit the clicker, a reprogramming might fix the problem.
  • If your remote is not functioning correctly, check the batteries and then check for shorts in the transmitter or purchase a replacement from the manufacturer.

When All Else Fails

Unfortunately repairs can’t always fix everything. When none of repairs seem to be working, it could be time for a replacement. This process is tedious and homeowners should call professionals for garage door installation services.

  • If your gate was physically damaged by a hurricane that passed through Sarasota, consider upgrading to a system that is up to wind code to protect against future damage.
  • If you have older equipment, time may have allowed rust to make its way into it. Scratched, cracked, or worn units are more susceptible to encounter problems and require to be replaced.

Lift Pro Garage Door Service

Consulting professionals when you are having problems with your gate is the best way to determine whether repairs will resolve your issues. Consider scheduling regular maintenance appointments with experts to avoid getting caught underneath a broken gate or left without a mode of transportation.

In case the worst happens, know that LiftPro offers 24-hour emergency repair service in Sarasota. If it is time for an upgrade call us today at 941-357-5300 and we will discuss our garage door installation services with you and help you find the best options for your home.