Three Reasons for Emergency Garage Door Repair

Posted on: May 9, 2014

While emergency garage repair in Clearwater may not sound like a pressing issue, at LiftPro Garage, we know how much of a hassle a faulty door can be. Not only is a broken garage door annoying, but it can be dangerous too; our team has seen faulty garage doors suddenly fall, trapping people and cars inside.
What Constitutes an Emergency?

When it comes to garage doors, the term “emergency” is not an exaggeration. Here are just a few problems that can occur as a result of a faulty garage door:

  1. The door will not open. Hopefully, this will happen to you when you and your car are not inside. However if you need to drive somewhere and your car is in the garage, there won’t be much you can do but call for emergency garage door repair.
  2. Crime can occur anywhere and if you need to park in the driveway instead of the garage, you will be alerting others as to when there’s no one home. As a person or family with a consistent routine, an eventual burglary might very well occur.
  3. A door that will not close can be just as annoying as one that will not open. Not only is this inviting unwelcome people into your home, but it also allows animals to come into your garage and wreck havoc.

This is why our company offers fast response times with trained technicians typically arriving at most locations within two hours of an emergency call.

Benefits of LiftPro Garage

Now that the danger of neglecting emergency garage repair in Clearwater has been established, the next question is simple: Why turn to us for garage repair work?
Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

  • 24/7 service. We’re ready as soon as the phone rings to address each customer’s situation.
  • We are a locally owned and operated company, and our technicians will always be polite and professional; they will do the job right, the first time.
  • We receive an A+ rating from the BBB and are affiliated with the International Door Association.

Having problems with the garage door and finding someone for emergency garage repair Clearwater may seem like a stressful ordeal. However, when you call us, it won’t be. We’ll respond quickly and fix the root of the problem.
For fast service and a guaranteed job well done, call us at 727-799-3667.