Garage Door Springs 101: Extension vs. Torsion

Posted on: January 29, 2015

Whether you’re building a new garage or making updates to your current Sarasota home, it is important to understand all your options when it comes to garage doors. Choosing the right garage door spring can be the difference between a safe and secure system and constantly needing repairs.

Here is a basic guide to understanding your two options for garage door springs: extension and torsion.


Extension springs have been the most commonly used type for years and are the cheapest option for your Sarasota home.

The spring operates by contracting and releasing, so distance becomes a factor in how much force is applied to the spring. This means the further the spring is extended the more tension is released over time. Because these springs are subject to more wear and tear, they generally last up to 10,000 cycles or approximately seven years.

One of the criticisms of the extension spring is how quickly it wears down and how dangerous it can be when it breaks. If not working properly, it could cause your garage door to slam down on your car or other belongings. But by keeping up with basic garage door springs repairs and replacing the spring around the seven-year mark, you can prevent this catastrophe from happening.


Torsion springs are a strong option to consider for your Sarasota home because although they are more expensive than extension springs, they are becoming more popular because of their reliability and lifespan.

Rather than expanding and contracting like extension springs, these springs twist, which means they aren’t subjected to the same wear and tear that extension springs see. The lifespan can range from between 15,000 and 20,000 cycles with fewer necessary garage door springs repairs.

An additional benefit to this type of spring is that when it breaks, it will stay in place, so while it might make a loud bang, it won’t likely cause any further damage to your garage or garage door.  Also, keep in mind the size of the space, the bigger the door, the more wear you will see on an extension spring, so professionals may advise torsion springs as your safest option.

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