How to Know When You Need Garage Door Spring Repair

Posted on: October 1, 2014

While many of the calls we receive at LiftPro concern garage door spring repairs, most of our customers are unaware that there are both preventive maintenance and warning signs that can help avoid emergency situations.

This small part supports all the weight of your garage door and is what helps it open and close. All the pressure on the small mechanism makes it almost inevitable that it needs replacement eventually.

Keep an eye on these little things to try getting ahead of a break and avoid emergency garage door spring repair situations:

  • The most obvious sign you need a repair on your gate will be when your vehicle gets stuck inside. If your gate refuses to open, take the time to check on this crucial part. Chances are the source of the problem will be easy to spot.
  • The manufacturer will usually inform you a spring allows around 13,000 door openings and closings. This is only approximation, and many factors can cause this number to vary, including the sudden changes in the St. Petersburg weather. The best way to know when a repair will be needed is to visually check on the part itself and see how it is behaving.
  • Regular maintenance is particularly important. Checks, inspections and proper lubrication of all parts will help you give it a longer lifespan before a garage door spring repair is necessary.

When you are checking your garage door there is an easy test you can perform. Roll it down and release the emergency pull to be able to work manually. If your gate doesn’t stay open on its own after you raise it, or if it was extremely difficult to move, it’s time to call and have a professional visit you before it snaps and causes real issues.

While a garage door spring repair like this is not difficult in theory, it can be extremely dangerous if you are not trained correctly. Know that all the Lift Pro staff is held to very high standards and can work on any brand.

If you are in need of any type of repair, LiftPro of St. Petersburg is here to help. Call today at 727-799-3667 to set up an appointment and get your door working again in no time