Garage Door Repair: When Not to DIY

Posted on: May 9, 2014

While garage door repair in Clearwater seems like a fairly simple task, it is not something you want to tackle on your own. Without the proper knowledge and equipment, this repair can cause considerable damage to you, your garage door, or both. If you think your door may be damaged or broken, do not attempt to open or close it; this will cause even more problems, and can create a more expensive fix. Leave the broken door as it is, and call a professional.

When you shouldn’t attempt garage door repair in Clearwater on your own:

  • Broken Cables: You need these cables to work perfectly in order for the door to open and close smoothly. They are under a significant amount of pressure, and can be very dangerous to handle on your own.
  • Panel Replacement: This replacement is not only a cosmetic issue, but can also be a safety issue. If the panels are loose they may fall and shatter, or even fall on someone. By hiring a professional to perform this repair, you can feel sure that the panels are securely fastened.
  • Spring Replacement: You’ll know you spring is broken because you won’t be able to open or close your door. Removing and replacing a spring can be difficult and dangerous, and should always be left to a professional.
  • Bent Track: The door goes up and down by rolling on the tracks, and when one is bent, the door will not roll smoothly. This can be a complicated fix, and only a professional with professional grade equipment will be able to fix it.

As you can see, garage door repair in Clearwater can be more complicated than it originally seems. You should never attempt to do this without a professional, as the risk of injury is high. Even investigating and inspecting the problem can be dangerous, as damaged springs or cables can snap at any second. Here at LiftPro, our trained technicians will be able to handle whatever issue you may be experiencing, and safely and quickly repair the issue.

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