What to Do When You Need Garage Door Repair

Posted on: August 1, 2014

Remember that one rainy St. Petersburg night when you found yourself stuck outside your garage door because it wouldn’t open? You just couldn’t stand for your beloved car to be stuck out underneath that tree- the one that gets your car dirty with those pretty but pasty flowers that always get stuck to your windshield when it rains. Aren’t those such a pain? And right then and there you’ve already figured out this much: You need garage door repairs, and you need them fast.

Where to Go When You Need Garage Door Repairs

So, your garage door is in need of emergency maintenance, now what? How do you know if you need an entirely new one, a few replacement parts, or just a quick tune-up? Can you do it yourself or should you call a professional from the St. Petersburg area?

Here’s what you need to do:

Determine the Problem

First off, you need to identify what’s causing your garage door to act up. This requires a more in-depth inspection than when you initially noticed its inability to function properly. Is it a seemingly cosmetic defect that’s impeding it from opening? Take a closer look. Chances are that if there is a bent panel or rusted tracks it will require much more than just a quick coat of paint or a trip to hardware store.

If a panel of your St. Petersburg home’s garage is damaged due to wear and tear, high winds, vehicle contact or any other reason, it will require a technician to either pop it back into shape, or possibly even perform a full panel replacement.

With rollers, tracks, and springs however, the best and most affordable option is almost always for the homeowner to simply have them replaced.  And when there is hardware damage, you need to get it repaired immediately, as these can pose serious safety risks to both you and your family. When the doors torsion springs become rusted or overstressed they can snap suddenly, causing harm to anyone standing too close, or dropping the door onto anything that is below it.

Take action

If you would like more information before contacting a garage door repair professional in St. Petersburg, you can read through the guide on our website to get an idea of the different parts of a garage door, what each does, and how to approach their replacement.  LiftPro is also proud to provide advice and tips to help you and your family stay safe.

However, before attempting any kind of DIY maintenance, we recommend that you first read our guide for when or when not to perform DIY garage door repairs (liftprogaragedoor.com/blog/garage-door-repair-when-not-to-diy), for some quick easy fixes, and advice on when to call the professionals.

If your garage opening is in need of repair for these or any issues, LiftPro Garage Door Services of St. Petersburg is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or call for 24/7 emergency garage door repairs!