Do I need Garage Door Opener Repair?

Posted on: June 17, 2014

It’s safe to say when the garage door opener proves incapable of opening or closing, it’s time to call for a St. Petersburg repair company. However, most openers provide warning signs long before they leave doors motionless. For instance, is your door opening or closing slower than usual?

Maybe the problem has arisen by a disruption in the power source and can easily be fixed with minor troubleshooting. Or perhaps the issue with the opener is more technical in nature. If the latter is true, customers might be better off to call us at LiftPro Garage. Our technicians guarantee both fast and efficient service.

Options at LiftPro

We currently offer our customers three types of opener systems. While each have their own unique benefit, you can rest assured knowing our expert garage door opener repair team will help you decide which model is best for your St. Petersburg home.

  1. Chain Drive: Known for value and reliability, this model also delivers 100 watts of light, sensing technology that will allow the door to stop if contact is made with a person or object, and a manual release handle in case of power failure. Meanwhile, this option focuses on security with a PosiLock system that ensures the door remains securely locked when the garage door is closed. Offers a four year motor warranty.
  2. Belt Drive: This option is for those seeking both strength and quiet operation. Armed with 50 percent more power, this model offers our Motor Vibration Isolation System and steel-reinforced belts to deliver a smooth, yet quiet function. Comes with a five year parts warranty.
  3. Screw Drive: Capable of running in extreme weather, including the summertime heat, this choice consists of a simpler one-piece galvanized steel rail. Also equipped with our Motor Vibration Isolation System, the option offers up to 200 watts of light. This choice of garage door opener selection is accompanied by a lifetime motor warranty for St. Petersburg residents.

Don’t Wait for Garage Door Opener Repair

A common mistake people make is not looking into, or fixing the problem until it escalates towards a more serious issue. After all, being unable to open your garage can leave your car stuck and your day in frustration.

Some also allow themselves to take for granted the fact the average opener has a lifespan of about ten years. Although we stand by our products and encourage potential customers to review our Angie’s List page, it remains imperative to have your garage door, spring, and opener checked as soon as you experience any issue or notice any potential problem.

For those looking for a deal, feel free to visit our website’s garage door coupons and specials page to see our latest offers. With same day service and free estimates, our garage door opener repair services in St. Petersburg are here to serve you.