What to Do When You Garage Door Won’t Open

Posted on: December 15, 2014

With the holiday season in full swing, and all the errands to run that go along with it, you really cannot afford to be stuck at home in St. Petersburg because of a broken garage door.  If your gate won’t open and your vehicle is stuck inside, keep on reading, and we will get you back on track for a successful holiday time.

Identify The Problem:

When nothing will lift your gate, there’s the big question of whether it can be fixed or should rather be replaced with a new one. As you are encountering issues, you can start by inspecting a few different parts to try identifying the repairs you may need:

  • Tracks: Check for bent or broken tracks as your gate can only function correctly when the tracks are straight and aligned.
  • Springs: It is not uncommon to need replacement springs on your garage door in St. Petersburg. The springs play a crucial role in lifting your gate, so if you have a broken garage door, you should definitely check on them. However, these can be dangerous to attempt to repair yourself, so call a professional if they are indeed broken.
  • Cables: The cables that maintain the gate also need to be regularly changed. When they are too old, they may snap and prevent the door from opening.
  • Rollers: While rollers are not exactly related to the lifting of your gate, older rollers may create a lot of unnecessary and worrying noise when the system is activated.

Call the Experts

Whatever the source of your broken garage door may be, repairs are not a project you can do on your own. Any work related to your gate requires skills and experience only professionals have. At LiftPro of St. Petersburg, our team is dedicated to completing any project in a timely and efficient manner. Our services are affordable and available 24/7 to make sure we can come to your rescue in case of emergency. All of our workers are fully licensed, insured, and work to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Give us a call today at (813) 341-6400 learn more about LiftPro, receive your free estimate, and see how we can fix your broken garage door!