How to Choose the Best Garage Door

Posted on: November 18, 2014

When you consider the fact that garage doors are one of the biggest features on the outside of St. Petersburg homes, you realize choosing the right one is imperative. The wrong color or style can throw off the entire look of your home and leave the wrong first impression with visitors. However, there are also a lot more characteristics to consider that will ensure you choose the best one for your home.


Garage doors contribute greatly to the first impression of a home; so don’t settle for an ordinary, boring look. There are a variety of choices, from traditional to swinging stable doors, as well as many different types of window designs. You should also consider the color of your home, and if you want the door to be wood colored, or match the current color scheme. These doors are incredibly customizable, so if you want something, just ask!


This is going to be the largest moving object in your home, so you want it to be as safe as it can be. Some safety features include:

  • Pinch resistant feature will push fingers out of the way if they are accidentally too close to the closing garage door.
  • Safety beam sensors are placed a few inches above the floor, and will cause the door to stop closing if anything is underneath it, like a car, pet, or person.


Here in St. Petersburg, electric bills are on the rise, and we want to do everything possible to keep our homes as energy efficient as possible. Properly insulated garage doors don’t only provide better energy efficiency, but also higher strength and a quieter operating system.


Budget is important no matter what the project is. Luckily, many St. Petersburg residents have no idea how affordable these doors can be. While premium wood will be the most expensive, fiberglass and steel are some of the more popular options. It is important to note that while it will be an investment, the higher quality you purchase, the longer it will last.


Here at LiftPro in St. Petersburg, we specialize in helping you choose the best garage door for your home and budget, along with guaranteeing the best repairs and emergency services around. If you are looking for a new unit, or your existing door is broken, call us today at 727-799-3667; we offer 24/7 services so you will never wait long!