Is a Broken Garage Door Dangerous?

Posted on: October 20, 2014

Is a Broken Garage Door Dangerous?

Pushing back a garage door repair appointment for your St. Petersburg home may not seem like a bad idea at the moment. After all you’ll get to keep the money in your bank account and you can just park in your driveway. So really, what’s the problem?

The most common reason that your garage door is broken is because of an old spring that simply gave out. Keeping it closed all the time will create an inconvenience for everybody. It’s also dangerous to leave it broken; imagine the injuries that could occur if somebody tried opening it! The risk of the door falling on that person is high and can certainly be avoided.

The best way to stay clear of a broken spring doesn’t involve any complicated techniques or tools. Check the spring visually to see if the part is getting old and might become a threat. When you lift it by hand, an incredibly heavy door will indicate something is not right. If you notice anything uncommon, call for garage door repair services quickly.  The sooner your St. Petersburg professionals perform the repair, the less costly it will be.

A non-replaced spring poses danger since it could break at any time, letting your gate fall on somebody or on your car. Any nightmare at the hospital or at the mechanic can be avoided with a simple garage door repair.

It’s easy to find the LiftPro experts around St. Petersburg. With our 24/7 service, we’re available at any time you need us and we will take care of you garage door in a quick, efficient, and affordable manner. LiftPro has over 18 years of experience working with any make or model, and will help you wherever you are located in the Tampa Bay. If your spring or any other parts have given up on you, don’t wait any longer to contact a professional to perform the necessary garage door repairs. Give us a call at (727) 799-3667 to schedule a time for us to give you a free estimate.